About Chamber Music

In its origins, the concept of chamber music referred to music that was composed for the home; a smaller, more intimate setting, as opposed to theatrical performances and church services, and consisting of a few instrumentalists. Today, chamber music is commonly defined as music that is written for a small group of musicians in a setting open to music lovers within the community.

The Instrumental Society of Calgary strives to present chamber music in a way that honours the original core values of chamber music in a modern way, providing an environment that cultivates musical talent and shares it with the community.

At the Instrumental Society of Calgary, our goal with our chamber music is to transport the audience to new places, using music as a window into the world, and chamber music as a personal guide.

Where we shop, where we eat, where we have fun
All of it makes our community home
Our local businesses give Calgary a distinctive character.
And we love it.

What better way to strengthen the Calgary’s economic base
A marketplace of tens of thousands of small businesses and organizations
What a great way to ensure innovation and affordability over the long-term
We (ISC) are invested in Calgary’s future

The Art of Chamber Music
Destination: Home
Let’s explore new places and pieces
Transport you (the listener) into a world that is sublime and intricate
It’s the world in miniature
Music can be your window to the world
But Chamber Music can be your personalized experience to explore the world

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