Since 1979, the Instrumental Society of Calgary has worked to showcase local musicians, both professionals in the On Stage concerts, and emerging artists in the pre-concert performances. By creating an environment for musicians within the Calgary area, we continue to provide members of the public community with access to these performances. The Instrumental Society of Calgary focuses on attracting a diverse audience and presenting quality performances to help inspire future generations of chamber music enthusiasts.

The vision of the Instrumental Society of Calgary have been shaped by many directors in past years, including Janice Waite and Gianetta Baril. Since taking over as Artistic Director in 2021, Janna Sailor has worked tirelessly to create a programme of musical excellence and engaging concerts for music enthusiasts across the city.

Janice Waite Memorial Award

For the past 7 years, the Instrumental Society of Calgary Board has awarded local musicians with the Janice Waite Memorial Award in order to celebrate the dedication of Artistic Director Emeritus Janice Waite. Created in 2010 to honour Janice’s nine-year commitment to our mandate, the annual award of $250 helps the recipient cover musical costs and rehearsal time.

The ideal recipient of the Award is a professional musician who thinks creatively with regard for repertoire, displays a strong consideration for the ordinance of the Instrumental Society of Calgary and demonstrates a long-term commitment to enriching Calgary’s music community.

Past Award Recipients:

Gianetta Baril (2017)
Donovan Seidle (2016)
Gwen Klassen (2015)
Edmond Agopian (2014)
Rolf Bertsch (2013)
Steven Lubiarz (2012)
Kirill Kalmkov (2011)
Matt Heller (2010)

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