ISC Story

Since 1979, the Instrumental Society of Calgary has showcased the best local musicians in Calgary. Our concert selection process is unique and interactive within the musical community. We work with professional musicians in the Calgary area to carefully create a theme and concert programme for the upcoming season.

In order to craft a collection of concert pieces from highly regarded musicians in the Calgary area, we work with these local performers, getting feedback and creating an experience for the audience that is unlike any other.

Operating for 42 years, the Instrumental Society of Calgary continues to create an environment that is supportive of the amazing talent within the Calgary area and provide music-lovers from all walks of life with access to chamber music performances.

Engaging the next generation of concert goers is essential in creating a life long appreciation of music. We also value the importance of emerging musicians who are starting out and strive to include pre-concert performances to showcase those local up-and-coming chamber musicians as well.

Vision Statement

Creating community through outstanding performances of chamber music

Mission Statement

We support outstanding local musicians and contribute to our community by offering accessible chamber music experiences that inspire and engage

Off-stage, we provide educational and outreach programs at various schools and other venues to bring music to a broader audience. By sharing our love of chamber music, we aim to engage our audiences, promote a sense of community, and cultivate interest among the young, and the young at heart.

Our working board consists of 8 board members, which includes Artistic Director, Janna Sailor. We also have a box office coordinator and a volunteer to create and design some of our print materials, both who are not on the board but assist the organization.

We have upwards of ten volunteer high school students during each concert to assist with various tasks.

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