New Beginnings – New North

February 12, 2023 @ 3:00 PM

LOCATION: cSPACE King Edward (1721 29 Ave SW)

SERIES: Mainstage

FEATURING: Ensemble Résonance

“New Beginnings – New North presents premieres by Red Deer composer Claude Lapalme, Calgary composer Colleen Athparia, a song by Alberta composer D.Geoffrey Bell, as well as two works by Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov.

The pivotal work on the program is the premiere of 4 songs set to poems by celebrated author Margaret Atwood written early in her career about immigrant life in Canada in the 19th century. Here are some poignant quotes from the poetry:
“Disembarking in Quebec”
The moving water will not show me my reflection. The rocks ignore. I am a word in a foreign language.

“Looking in a Mirror”
What is this – you find only the shape you already are,
But what if you have forgotten that or discover you have never known.
“The Planters”
If they let go of that illusion solid to them as a shovel,
Open their eyes even for a moment, they would be surrounded, stormed, broken in upon by branches, roots, tendrils, the dark side of light as I am

“The Immigrants”
I wish I could forget them and so forget myself from an unknown land to an unknown land


*Spanish Raga
C. Athparia,

*Pink Bazaar C. Athparia,

*The Cloths of Heaven D.Geoffrey Bell,

Melodies of the Moment: Lullaby V. Silvestrov
Musical Moment, *Tango del Agil Vejete Claude Lapalme,

*Songs of Susanna (based on poems by Margaret Atwood) By C.Athparia,

Disembarking in Quebec, Looking in a Mirror, The Planters, The Immigrants

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