March 14, 2021  – 3PM

Finding a harmonious balance between music and life is very important for a musician. It is a constant struggle between dreams and reality, hopes and frustrations, self-realization and dedication, darkness and light. Life is a difficult trial, and it is rather a short journey. Artists, who do not give up trying to find some wisdom in rising above selfish thoughts and actions, may gradually become endowed with the power of profound positive impact on souls, and thus leave positive memories and gratitude to posterity.

The program reflects aspirations for the sublime (Bach) and pictures from everyday life (Gliere). The second half depicts a great artist’s life – with its joys, sorrows, legacy and mourning for the loss of a dear friend.



Olga Kotova, violin
Olena Kilchyk, cello
Dmitry Nesterov, piano



Bach (arr. by Samuil Feinberg) – Largo from Sonata for Organ in C Major BMV 259
Bach – Toccata in G Major BMV 916
Gliere – Huit Morceaux, op. 39 for Violin and Cello


Tchaikovsky – Piano Trio, Op. 50 “In Memory of a Great Artist”


St. Stephen’s Anglican Church , located at 1121 – 14th Avenue, S.W. Calgary

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