Feburary 9, 2020 – 3PM

Right up to his death, Beethoven never ceased pushing music to its limits. After Beethoven, it was impossible to go back to the time when music was regarded as a soporific for wealthy patrons who could doze through a concert and then go home quietly to bed. Fast forward 250 years, Ensemble Resonance shows that today’s composers still push the boundaries of music.



Steven Lubiarz, violin

Colleen Athparia, piano

Stan Climie, clarinet/bass clarinet

Michelle Todd, soprano


Beethoven          Sonata op.12 no.2 for Violin and Piano

Cage                    The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs (1942)

Rosen                 Hailstorm (1992)

Athparia            Lure of the Loon: Tom Thomson

Nin                     That Glitter in Water

Beethoven        Scottish Songs/Schottische Lieder, Op.108



St. Stephen’s Anglican Church , located at 1121 – 14th Avenue, S.W. Calgary

Parking is available on site


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