Jan 10, 2021  – 3PM

Cello and marimba – an unusual combination of instruments on paper. In practice, however, they form an intuitive and unexpected sonic world of timbre, colour and character that makes for an evocative and unique listening experience. Kathleen and Tim, two accomplished musicians committed to excellence and sharing music worth sharing, take this combination of instruments and the audience on a musical journey from the old and familiar (Bach) to sentimental (Golijov) to powerful rhythmic and technological feats (Akiho), in a program of bold and exciting music.



Timothy Borton, percussion
Kathleen de Caen, cello



Bach – Adagio, 1st mvmt from Sonata No. 2 in D major for Viola da Gambo and Harpsichord, BMV1028
Akiho – 21
Beall – Rose of Sharon from Song of “Almah”
Wijeratne – Spirit and the Dust (New Commission – World Premiere)


Lang – Stuttered Chant
Shaw – Boris Kerner
Golijov – Mariel
Noble – Folk Suite


St. Stephen’s Anglican Church , located at 1121 – 14th Avenue, S.W. Calgary

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