Your Visit

At the Instrumental Society of Calgary, our goal with our chamber music is to transport the audience to new places, using music as a window into the world, and chamber music as a personal guide.

Getting Settled

You can either print your online-purchased tickets yourself at home or purchase and pick up your tickets at the Instrumental Society of Calgary Box Office. Upon entering the venue, you can pick up a programme and find a seat. We offer seating on a first-come-first-serve basis and recommend that you arrive a little early to find a good seat.

Experience the Concert

Most concerts will begin with a pre-concert performance of an aspiring musician a few minutes before the professional performance. Concerts are around 2 hours in length with a 20 minute intermission. If you need a beverage, we have a variety of options that are available for purchase at the beginning of the concert and at intermission.

Upon finding a seat, please refrain from the use of cellphones and recording devices, these devices are not allowed during the performance. At the end of the performance, you will know when it is time to clap by the body language of the performers on the stage. In the case of most On Stage performances, you clap at the end of each piece, and your program will tell you about how long a piece will last.

Explore the Downtown Calgary Area

After the concert, there are many great restaurants and other activities within the area to explore. You can make an evening of the concert by going out for dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area, head over to Stephen Avenue Walk, Calgary’s only outdoor pedestrian mall, or check out the Calgary Tower in the Downtown Core. The Instrumental Society of Calgary’s concert will be a great start to an exciting evening!

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